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Lone Hoof is a Bristol artist and illustrator. He founded Hoofism while painting and drawing with his kids at the kitchen table in 2016.


Hoofism. He made it up. Every artwork had to include a pipe-smoking horse and be priced one pound more than the last. Lone Hoof #1 sold for one pound in September 2016; Lone Hoof #2 sold soon after for two pounds. Hoofism, right?


It's Hoofism. He made it up. See his manifesto. 


Nobody knows. He hadn't painted for years. Hoofism was an idea he had and he acted on it. But whatever the underlying reasons, he found it hugely satisfying to draw, paint and create pictures again, and it soon lead to other related artistic pursuits.


Well, things like satirical advent-calendars and comic artworks on social media. But bubbling underneath it all was a desire to turn his abundance of notebook ideas into illustrations for children's picture books.


Why children's picture books? Good question. While reading them to his kids, he saw how perfectly the condensed narrative of the medium aligned with his many notebook ideas. Suddenly he saw how some of them might be realised.


There's currently a picture-book in development. You can see some samples here.


I just told you.

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