Lone Hoof is a Bristol artist and founder of Hoofism.


Every artwork sold in the shop is original and each must include a pipe-smoking horse. Every artwork is numbered in the order it was finished, and priced one pound more than the last. Lone Hoof #1 sold for one pound in September 2016; Lone Hoof #2 sold soon after for two pounds. Hoofism, right?


It's Hoofism. I made it up. See my manifesto.


The basic idea for Hoofism first came to me in 2006. It didn't have a name back then, and it had nothing to do with pipe-smoking horses. It was just an idea: that each artwork would be £1 more than the last. But this idea squatted in my brain for more than ten years, waiting for its moment of realisation until it emerged as Lone Hoof at the kitchen table one rainy Sunday in 2016.


Original Lone Hoof artworks will be released into the shop when the time comes. Some will be held back for exhibition, portfolio or competition but I'll let you know on social media when new works land in the shop. Make sure you're in the loop.

Prints may become available at some point. These will all be fixed price.


Lone Hoof artworks are all original and only available via this website.


I just told you. 

© Lone Hoof 2021, Ce n'est pas un cheval fumant une pipe.